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Your Dance Marathon experience doesn't have to end when your undergraduate years do - register to dance as an Alumni dancer today! Our Alumni Morale Captains are dedicated to keeping you connected to one of the best parts about St. Ambrose, Dance Marathon!

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Meet your Alumni Engagement Director: Kaillee Pfieferling

Why I Dance: "I dance so that kids can have a normal school experience - so they don’t have to be pulled out of school all the time for doctor’s appointments or spend way too much time in a hospital room. I dance so that kids can be kids; they can have sleepovers, birthday parties, and endless laughs. I dance for all of our kiddos and their families - to support them financially and emotionally."



The Alumni Engagement Committee is in its third year It involves interaction and communication with SAU Dance Marathon Alumni.

Duties include planning events, communicating with SAU professional staff especially the Alumni House and Alumni Moral Captains.

The main purpose is to help SAUDM Alumni stay involved with this wonderful organization. 

Meet your Alumni MC's: Shannon Herra & Luke Mathews
Shannon Herra

Shannon graduated from St. Ambrose in 2019 with her Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. She is currently preparing for graduation in December of 2020 with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Shannon has been a part of Dance Marathon since DM4 and has participated as a dancer and served on the Family Relations & Morale Committees! Shannon dances for more belly-aching laughter and memories to be made. I can’t wait to be your Co-Alumni Morale Captain alongside my great friend, Luke! 

Luke Mathews

Luke Mathews graduated from St. Ambrose University last year with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Luke has enjoyed his time being involved with DM throughout his four years of college and is so excited to be in a new role helping other Alumni alongside his co-captain and great pal Shannon Herra!

Get Involved.

As a Dance Marathon alumni, there are many ways for you to stay involved with one of your favorite college experiences:


1. Register to Dance: Alumni and graduate students each have unique morale teams so you can stay connected and fundraise in preparation for the year's Big Event. 

2. Volunteer at the Big Event: Sign up to volunteer at the big event.

3. Make a donation: Can't make it to this year's big event but want to give back? Make a donation on donor drive!

4. Dancer in Need: Registering for the Big Event? Want to support a $0 dancer too? Donate $80 to a $0 dancer and you will BOTH get into the Big Event by hitting your minimums! Contact our Alumni Engagement Director for more information!

Stay connected - Stay informed.

Whether you just attended your last Dance Marathon event as an undergraduate or you're an alum from before DM was on the Ambrose campus, we want to keep you connected and up to date with all things Dance Marathon.

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