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St. Ambrose University Dance Marathon is following CDC guidelines and under the guidance of the University’s COVID-19 task force to ensure every event and fundraiser we host is safe for everyone.

Despite the pandemic, we are still able to host events and fundraisers in a safe and responsible manner following our university’s and the CDC’s guidelines. We have worked with small businesses and restaurants in the Quad Cities to have many successful events while raising money and spreading awareness of dance marathon, but we can’t do it alone. 


As a result of the ongoing pandemic, children’s hospitals across the country need financial support more than ever. There is an increased need to fund PPE, patient services, and telemedicine and equipment. With many people losing their jobs and/or their insurance, there is also a heightened need for charitable care beyond what was needed in the past. 

There is an estimated revenue loss of $67 million per hospital, which represents ¼ of average revenue. Unfortunately, 7 out of 10 hospitals will not be able to meet their needs in the next year without increases in donations.


"COVID-19 has placed unprecedented stress on the United States’ health system. Hospitals are adapting to new priorities in order to manage the massive scope and impact of the pandemic. The strain on hospitals is well documented, and this is also true of children’s hospitals urgently responding to the pandemic by treating adult patients, opening drive-thru testing sites, taking extreme measures to ensure their buildings and equipment are kept clean, conducting vital research to prevent the spread of the virus and upgrading technology to move many appointments to a safe, virtual setting. They are on the frontline of this crisis, while also continuing to provide the high-quality, life-saving care that children need every day—but they can’t do it alone.

By funding children’s hospitals, we can transform how we meet the urgent needs brought on by the pandemic, while also maintaining an exceptional standard of care and preventing and preparing for health challenges to come.

When we change kids’ health, we change the future—for all of us."


-- Miracle Network Dance Marathon



Fundraising for children's hospitals is more important than ever, but it is also still important to be respectful and considerate of those who may be struggling financially during these times. However, you don't need to be discouraged to ask for donations.

So How do I Fundraise During the Pandemic?

  • Remember that you are not asking for this money for yourself!

  • Focus on where the money is going to & whom this money is supporting!

    • Share that this year we are funding an inclusive playground for the kiddos at the University of Iowa Center for Disabilities and Development.

    • Share memories you have with our DM kiddos or stories you have heard that have impacted you.

    • Share photos & videos from our social media accounts.

    • Describe times where you saw the impact DM has had on our families.

  • Struggling with what to say? Feel free to reach out to our directors, chairs, or morale captains for help!

  • Be mindful of wording & whom you can choose to ask during this time.

  • Don’t be afraid of rejection!! It will happen & that is OKAY! 

  • Remember the worst thing someone can do is say no, so don’t be afraid of giving it a try!


  • Be Creative!

    • Due to financial struggles, some people may not be able to donate to you as much as they did in the past.

    • Come up with additional things you can do or sell to raise money FTK!

    • What service can you provide to others? Think about certain passions or hobbies you have!

    • Babysit, rake leaves, walk dogs, or do other acts of service for donations!

    • Utilize social media! Use fundraising graphics, create a Facebook Fundraiser from donor drive, and share your donor drive link.

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