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Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee coordinates all fundraising efforts through a variety of means including organizing canning opportunities, restaurant fundraising nights, and other fundraising events big & small both on and off-campus. They are expected to attend all fundraising events that involve preparation and/or supervision and to attend a weekly committee meeting. Fundraising committee members also provide insight for other Dance Marathon members on the best ways to fundraise throughout the year. Lastly, fundraising committee members are able to participate in the Big Reveal at push days and most importantly Big Event.

Fundraising Chair
We are excited to announce that the Fundraising Chairs for Dance Marathon 11 have been chosen! The chairs for the 2022-2023 year are Taylor Canada and Audrey Kaufman. These leaders will work closely with the director to brainstorm and plan all things fundraising throughout the year. Additionally, they will aid in setting up food nights and canning routes. While attending an additional meeting with the director weekly, the fundraising chairs will aid in logistics and delegating tasks to committee members in order to plan successful events throughout the DM year.
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