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As you continue to receive donations into your personal Donor Drive account and make miracles, you will qualify for the corresponding incentives!

DM8 Incentives.png


Mara Guse

Haley Dullea 

Natalie Koprowitz

Kari Oetzal

Damon Wolter

Carly Miller

Cody Williams

Lucas Mathews

Maddison Campbell

Katie Cooper

Darcy Ratermann

Michael Showers

Jacob Rossmiller

 Cole Silha

Megan Platt

Kaitlyn Huston

Grace Berlage

Sarah Stanczyk

Rachel Merritt

Emily Mohr

Heather Hoeger

Jillian Atkinson

Maitlyn Sanders

Adyson McKinney 

Morgan Barfield

Taylor Madison

Alyssa Keene

Olivia Kaufman

Claire Johnson

Kathleen McGinnis

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