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Morale Captains

Morale is known as the “hype crew” or the face of Dance Marathon. We are the people who reach out to dancers to get them recruited, engaged, and loving Dance Marathon as much as we can. We get the dancers involved in canning events, fundraising events, and help them get to know other fellow team members. Morale committee members will need to know how to market Dance Marathon to dancers; represent themselves, the school, and the organization well; and be confident enough to dance it out on stage. Go-to for information, so don’t be afraid to reach out to any MC’s.

Communications and Logistics Chair (1)

We are excited to announce that the Communications and Logistics Chair for Dance Marathon 12 has been chosen! The 2023-2024 chair is Kennedy Sparks! This chair will work directly with the Morale Director to create various email templates for Morale Captains, receive feedback from dancers, and ensure that everything is communicated smoothly between all people (Morale Captains, Dancers, and the Morale Director). They will assist in tracking all team and Morale Captain communications throughout the year. Other tasks will include coming up with weekly/monthly meeting bonding ideas as well as helping with theme hour costumes ensuring that every Morale Captain has their costumes in time. 

Must be able to: 

  • Use a spreadsheet to make sure MCs are staying on top of tasks

  • Communicate well

  • Have good organization skills

Color Wars and Recruitment Chair (1)

We are excited to announce that the Color Wars and Recruitment Chair for Dance Marathon 12 has been chosen! The 2023-2024 chair is Eli Boyer! This chair will work with the Morale Director to focus mainly on gaining more participants and overall dancer retention. They will be held responsible for tracking color war points at various events throughout the year and must update color points on a spreadsheet. Must work closely with the finance director to track other color points from canning and other fundraising. This chair should be able to bring creative ideas about incentives for recruitment, events, and color wars in general. 

Must be able to: 

  • Stay on top of updating color war points

  • Use an Excel Spreadsheet to overall track color war points

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