morale director

Maitlyn Sanders


Team 1

Ashley Thilges

Sophomore, Pre-Nursing

"My cousin had cancer last year and Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital was where she got her treatment and she is cancer free now."​


Team 2

COle silha

Senior, Sales

"I dance for smiles, laughter, more pain free days, and hope. Without those things life is dull. Our amazing kiddos bring that into our lives and it's my job to do the same. It's not about being the highest fundraiser, it's about what those kiddos and their families do for us and what we can do for them. Be the change you wish to see in the world."


Team 3

eli boyer

Sophomore, Business Marketing

"I dance for the smiles and the memories that our kiddos will make at all of our events."​


Team 4

amanda Koos

Senior, Exercise Science

"I dance to see the smile on a child's face when they feel the love and support of Dance Marathon. We may never fully understand what our kiddos go through, but we can do everything in our power to help them through their journey. Small actions can have the largest impacy."


Team 5

seth crawley

Sophomore, Exercise Science

"I dance to support the kiddos that are going through unimaginable things in their lives. It is extremely rewarding to help them through their tough times, and it also makes me a better person."


Team 6

braden mohr

Freshman, Nursing

"I dance to provide energy to the children that spend day in and day out inside a hospital room. To show the kids that life is so much more than what they are going through, that their fight is worth every ounce of their being to be here. To show them that they matter, their diagnosis matters, and these little kiddos are larger than life itself."​


Team 7

taylor smith

Sophomore, Nursing

"No matter what battle a child is fighting, they should still experience childhood. I dance to support an organization larger than myself and make a difference in more ways than one."


Team 8

ally olson

Sophomore, Exercise Science

"I dance to help kiddos create more memories, enjoy their childhood, find their passions and live carefree like children should!"


Team 9

sara haller

Freshman, Exercis

"I dance for the kiddos who can’t. I believe that everyone should experience a childhood. I strive to see the smile on their face and hope in their eyes. I want to be able to walk alongside them through their lives and be there for them in any way possible!"


Team 10

Jacob rossmiller

Senior, Human Performance and Fitness

"I dance to give the kiddos a day where they don’t have to worry about treatments or appointments or doctors. To give them a day on the big event to be a kiddo with no worries."


Team 11

meredith siebers

Sophomore, Nursing

"I dance because of the joy I have seen on the kiddos faces when we do the simple things. Doing yoga with a kiddo, asking them questions, and playing volleyball for a kiddo captain makes me realize that a simple action like spending time with someone can really make an impact. I want all the kiddos to know that they are important and we are here to fight with them every step of the way."​


Team 12

will smith

Sophomore, Criminal Justice

"I dance cause who will dance for kiddos. Just knowing that for a sec they are not thinking about medicine or machines. Just enjoying fun. Giving these kiddos that moment that they can remember."


Team 13

abigail placke

Junior, Psychology

"I dance for the kiddos who can, and the ones that can’t and are fighting for the opportunity to do so one day. I dance for more birthdays, more happiness, more smiles, more time with loved ones, and more opportunities to live the life they deserve."


Team 14

austyn Goodale

Senior, Biology

"I dance for all the kiddos who can't. I dance for all the kiddos who should be playing sports, making friends, going to school, having birthday parties, and everything else kids do. I dance so those kids who are fighting for their lives in the hospital can have a childhood again."


Team 15

alexis dross

Sophomore, Nursing

"I dance for Reid and all the DIOH kiddos. I am a part of this organization for them because I want to be a part of the change and be there for our kiddos in any way I can! I want to put an end to pediatric illness by getting children the care they need, so they don’t spend lots of time in hospitals. I dance to make the kids and their families lives better and what they want it to be! I want to try to make a difference in their lives as a member of DM until I am able to help kids with pediatric illnesses when I become a nurse."


Team 16

evelyn witte

Sophomore, Biology

"I dance for the kiddos who can’t. I dance to give the kiddos a distraction from the stress in their lives. Smiles and positivity make all the difference. These kiddos look up to us more than we realize and by dancing and smiling ALL THE TIME, they get to experience our happiness and pick up our energy."​


Team 17

zoey nielson

Freshman, Early Childhood Education

"I dance for more smiles, laughter, and to make a difference!"


Team 18

ashley koos

Senior, Biology

"I dance for more birthdays, more laughter, more hugs, and more memories. Every child deserves an extraordinary life, and no child should stand alone."


Team 19

nyssa Wagner

Senior, Human Performance and Fitness 

"I dance for more memories. Lifelong memories can be made every single day and I want every child to make as many amazing memories as possible!"


Team 20

vince thomas

Junior, Exercise Science Pre-Physical Therapy

"I dance for change! I dance that we can one day end pediatric illness and every kiddo gets to spend their childhood as a kiddo and not a patient. I dance to bring joy to those fighting the toughest battles and brighten their day and give the strength to keep fighting. I dance for hope that we can make a difference!"

Jacob D.jpg

Team 21 | GRAD

Jacob Deeter

Doctorate of Physical Therapy

"I dance to show our kiddos that there is always someone that is looking out for them. They are never alone in this journey and will always have a family there who is willing to be complete goofballs just to try bringing a smile to their faces."

Shelby T.jpg

Team 22 | GRAD

Shelby Thede

Master’s of Business Administration 

"I dance for all the kiddos who can’t. These kiddos are putting up the toughest battle that no child should ever battle. I dance so that they can experience more birthdays, experience the silly pictures at prom, and many more Hawkeye waves. I dance so that they all see there's hope and to never give up because they are not in this battle alone"


Team 23 | ALUMNI

Kaitlyn Huston


"I dance for all of my patients. For more “firsts”, first birthdays, first days of school. I dance for more tomorrow’s, for more memories. I dance for our 10 forever dancing in our hearts kiddos who lost their battle way too soon. I dance to inspire others, just like our kiddos have inspired me to continue fighting."


Team 24 | ALUMNI

andrea adam

Doctorate of Physical Therapy

"I dance because kids deserve to spend their childhood outside playing tag and climbing trees with their siblings. Everyone deserves more time with their lifelong best friends!"