morale director



Ally O.jpg

Team 1

Ally olson

Freshman, Exercise Science

"I dance to give hope. These children and families should have a reason to believe that things will be better. They should be excited for the future not dreading what might come. Every kid deserves to have a fun childhood and every parent deserves to see their kid having fun. We can help and support them until it’s a reality."​

Cole S.jpg

Team 2

COle silha

Junior, Sales

"I dance to empower. I dance not for myself but for our amazing kiddos to help them feel empowered and give some of my light away. I dance for the families and their loved ones to help a terrible time become happy once again. This is more than an organization and it is a family and it changes lives every single day."


Team 3

Michelle meylor

Freshman, Exercise Science

"I dance so that kids can dance in the future. I believe that every child deserves to experience a childhood outside and with their families, not in a hospital room. Having dealt with the loss of close family friends due to childhood illness, I dance for the kiddos that are dancing in my heart forever."​

Abbey H.jpg

Team 4

Abbey howeS

Senior, Human Performance and Fitness

"I dance to change lives, not just change the life of the kiddos but to change the lives of their families too. Parents should be watching their kids play outside, not sitting in the hospital waiting room. Siblings should be laughing and fighting over who is faster, not taking walks around the hospital hallways. I dance for everyone's future."

Maitlyn S.jpg

Team 5

Maitlyn Sanders

Junior, Exercise Science

"I dance for more sunrises and sunsets. I dance for the kiddos who cannot anymore. These kiddos deserve to live out a fun and carefree childhood, and they are unable to do that. Until we are able to dance in celebration, I will keep dancing for a cure."

Elizabeth C.jpg

Team 6

Elizabeth Cormier

Freshman, Nursing

"I dance for the little things that every family and child deserves to experience. I dance for the things that every family and child might not get to experience because of a pediatric illness. I dance to add whatever joy, happiness and help I can to these families’ and children’s lives."​

Austyn G.jpg

Team 7

Austyn goodale

Freshman, Biology

"I dance for every kiddo that can’t. I dance to spread love and awareness for the kiddos. I dance to honor those who lost their battle while fighting cancer."

Maddie A.jpg

Team 8

Maddie Alepra

Senior, Nursing

" I dance for the kiddos who can’t, to give kiddos more memories, more belly laughs, and more adventures."


Team 9

Vincent Thomas

Freshman, Biology

"I dance to help bring equal opportunity for health and well-being to the kiddos that need it most. I dance to shed a beam of light in the darkness and up lift the kids who are fighting the toughest battles."


Team 10

Katie Cooper

Junior, Finance & Management

"I dance for the ones that can’t dance anymore. To share the love with as many people as I can. To spread the word."


Team 11

Adyson McKinney

Junior, Political Science

"I dance in remembrance of the little boy who changed my life and all others who have gained their angel wings. Dance Marathon is about so much more than fundraising, it is about bringing hope and joy to those who need it most."​

Adam S.jpg

Team 12

Adam Sigwarth

Senior, Criminal Justice

"I dance to help bring joy to the families and kiddos that are going through these hard times. It is a great time and a great cause that helps a lot of people who need it. There are kiddos that can not dance anymore, those are the kiddos I dance the hardest for."

Lauren H.jpg

Team 13

Lauren Hoesly

Sophomore, Exercise Science

"I dance to bring happiness to kiddos and their families. I think it is amazing how so many people can come together and unite to support all of our Miracle Families, that is the type of community that I want to be a part of for the rest of my life."

Taylor M.jpg

Team 14

Taylor Madison

Senior, Sociology

"I dance because it is a fun and impactful way to make a difference for someone and their family. I dance to bring awareness to kiddos fighting the hardest fight and because I think it is important to do things for others, especially if you enjoy doing it!"

Sophia M.jpg

Team 15

Sophia McPeek

Freshman, Biology & Forensic Psychology

"I just want to bring joy into kiddos lives, and being a part of a community like that is the best one to be around."

Meredith S.jpg

Team 16

Meredith Siebers

Freshman, Nursing

"I am dancing for all the kids who cannot, and to spread awareness about childhood disease and illness. I want to dance to show the kiddos and their families that we support them no matter what, through the good times and the bad."​


Team 17

Jade Hoogestraat

Sophomore, Elementary Education

"I dance to spread the awareness about pediatric illnesses and to always show that there will never be a day that giving up is an option."

Evelyn W.jpg

Team 18

Evelyn Witte

Freshman, Biology

"I dance for smiles and for laughter. I want kiddos and families to be genuinely happy and carefree as often as possible. I dance to form bonds with the kiddos so they know that we are always there."


Team 19

Eli Boyer

Freshman, Business Marketing

"I dance so the kids can have something to smile about. I dance so that the kids know that we are there for all of them."


Team 20

Jacob Rossmiller

Junior, Human Performance and Fitness

"I dance to give the kiddos a day where they don’t have to worry about treatments or appointments or doctors. To give them a day on the big event to be a kiddo with no worries."

Jacob D.jpg

Team 21 | GRAD

Jacob Deeter

Doctorate of Physical Therapy

"I dance to show our kiddos that there is always someone that is looking out for them. They are never alone in this journey and will always have a family there who is willing to be complete goofballs just to try bringing a smile to their faces."

Shelby T.jpg

Team 22 | GRAD

Shelby Thede

Master’s of Business Administration 

"I dance for all the kiddos who can’t. These kiddos are putting up the toughest battle that no kid should ever battle. I dance so they can have more birthdays, experience silly pictures at prom, and many more Hawkeye waves. I dance so they see that there is hope and for them to never give up because they are not alone in this battle."


Team 23 | ALUMNI

Shannon Herra

Doctorate of Physical Therapy

"I dance for more family dinners and competitive game nights. I dance so no kiddo ever feels alone. I dance for belly-aching laughter that puts tears in your eyes. I dance for more memories in the making. I dance for the kiddos who are forever dancing in our hearts."


Team 24 | ALUMNI

Lucas Mathews


"I dance to give hope in those situations that feel hopeless. I dance to bring joy to others and spread awareness and positivity of the DM mission."