morale director



Team 1



Major: Business


Year: Sophomore

"I dance to change a life, to save a life, and to make a difference in my life. These kiddos have become part of my life at the best possible moment. Every day I think of these kiddos and all the little things I can do that will make a big difference for them. They warm my heart and I love all our DM kiddos."

Team 4



Major: Nursing

Year: Senior

"I dance for the kiddos that have to spend their childhood fighting illnesses instead of thier siblings. Every child should have a fun childhood filled with love and laughter. I dance to give hope to our families, and all families, that one day we will put an end pediatric illness."

team 7

Jade Hoogestraat

Major: Elementary Education

Year: Freshman

"I dance because I like to support others to the best of my abilities. Dancing for the kiddos to help find a cure for pediatric illness."

team 10

jacob rossmiller

Major: Exercise Science

Year: Sophomore

"I dance to bring joy to our kiddos, to give them the one day they aren’t worried about doctors or doing tests or surgeries. Just to give them a day unlike any other where they can do all the kid things they miss out on."

Team 13



Major: Sociology

Year: Junior

"After my first Mini Big Event, I was hooked on that feeling of accomplishment, joy, and pride in how much my school had raised. I was amazed at the impact we were making and from then on I was hooked and wanted to be as involved as possible!"

Team 16

Natalie Koprowitz

Major: Nursing

Year: Junior


"I dance because my family is eternally grateful for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, and I want other families to also have positive experiences in such difficult times" 

team 19



Major: Excercise Science

Year: Freshman

"To inspire and and inform future generations about pediatric illness and make a change."




Doctorate of Physical Therapy

"I dance to help show the kids that there is always someone looking out for them, so that they never feel alone. I want every kiddo to have a chance to still be a kid, no matter what it takes."

Team 2



Major: Business

Year: Sophomore

"I dance to make a difference. Big or small. I strive to make as much as an impact on our kiddos and their families to help them in as many ways possible. I dance for a future."

Team 5



Major: Behavioral NeuroPsychology

Year: Senior

"I dance because children should be on the playground, not in a hospital bed. I dance for more adventures, family game nights, and the bright futures of all children and in memory of those we have lost along the way. I can't stop and I won't stop until there is a cure for all the strong warriors."

team 8

callie jackson

Major: Psychology & Social Work

Year: Junior

"I dance for more firsts, for more birthdays, for more smiles. I dance  for those who cannot and those who are in our hearts. I dance to give families hope."

team 11

Mitchell thilges

Major: Biology Pre-Chiropractic

Year: Senior

"I dance for more sibling fun time. I want every kiddo to be able to play in the mud, play dress up, laugh, and make so many memories with their siblings without worrying about IV's and treatments."

TEam 14

Kelsey Weatherford

Major: Exercise Science

Year: Junior


"I dance for hope. Hope for the future and hope for a better tomorrow. Hope that one day childhood illness will be a thing of the past. But also hope for a future for every kiddo that walks into our family. Hope for so many firsts yet to come."

Team 17



Major: Exercise Science

Year: Senior

"I dance to create hope of a bright future. I dance for first dates and homecoming dances. I want to help create memories that last a lifetime for these kids and everyone around them."

team 20



Major: Undecided

Year: Freshman

"I dance for the kids who don't have the same luck as us. I dance to give them a little bit more luck."




Business Sales, Marketing, Finance

"I dance for the future business leaders of America. I dance so that no child and no family goes without the opportunity to achieve their dreams."

Team 3



Major: Nursing


Year: Junior

"I dance for the ones who can't. Whether that be for the kiddos who have fought, who are currently fighting, and for those who are dancing in our hearts forever. I dance for more firsts and more bright futures. For the future nurses, doctors, athletes, teachers, etc. I dance for every child's dream to come true."​

Team 6



Major: Exercise Science

Year:  Junior

"I dance as a promise to our kiddos that we Can't Stop and Won't Stop until there is an end to pediatric illness."

team 9



Major: Exercise Science

Year: Senior

"I dance for more tomorrows. I dance for the future of our kiddos.I hope one day ours kiddos can live a life free of pediatric illness."

TEam 12



Major: Exercise Science

Year: Sophomore


"I dance for more sunrises and sunsets. I believe that every kiddo should have the chance to play and enjoy life like I was able to when I was a kid, and I think that every cent we raise helps a kiddo get closer to that goal every day."

TEam 15



Major: English

Year: Senior

"I dance for more joy Dance Marathon brings to others. If something as simple as dancing can bring others together and bring smiles to children's faces, we should all be apart of something that great!"

team 18



Major: Political Science

Year: Sophomore

"I dance for those who cannot. When I was younger I got to see the miracles Dance Marathon helped make possible and I knew I wanted to be apart of it."


Shannon herra

Doctorate of Physical Therapy 


"I dance for more laughs, more embarrassing moments, more family dinners, and more best friends. I dance for those who need a friend and supporter. I dance for those who are forever Dancing in Our Hearts. I dance so that one day, we will dance in celebration of cures for all pediatric illnesses."




Book Arts, Spanish, Art History

"I dance for more creative people on this planet. <3"


Dance Marathon is a yearlong celebration of life to provide emotional and financial support for the families treated at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital in Iowa City, our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Dance Marathon is for the kids, and at St. Ambrose, we 'BEElieve in the Kids'.



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