Are you interested in becoming a Children's Miracle Network family and be invited to CMN events or know of a family that would? You have come to the right place! Please go to the attached link below and fill out the criteria to become a CMN family. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or your local CMN hospital.

The Dance Marathon is not just a yearly dance get together it is a monthly party.  We all look forward to the monthly get-togethers.  


These students have been our family the last few years. Calling, texting, Facebooking, snapchat, and personal messaging us to check up to see how we are doing. We feel we have such a big family that cares and loves us continually.  


We know Abigail and Elizabeth have come out of their shells because the students make them feel so comfortable and us all feel so very special. 



-Glenda Ziolkowski, Mother 


Dance Marathon has been a part of every aspect of our kid's lives since before they were a year old. Dancers, committee and exec members have all become literally, a part of our family. They come for family vacations, celebrations and more.


When I ask my kids what Dance Marathon means to them, the first word they think of is family. When they imagine their futures, they think of being dancers themselves and doing more for other kids and I can't ask for better role models for my kids than the dancers of today!


-Melissa Johnson, Mother 


Dance Marathon is a yearlong celebration of life to provide emotional and financial support for the families treated at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital in Iowa City, our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Dance Marathon is for the kids, and at St. Ambrose, we 'BEElieve in the Kids'.



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