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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee’s role is important: we count, organize and manage all of the money fundraised throughout the year that will benefit kids treated at the University of Iowa Stead Family Hospital! Utilizing DonorDrive, our donation tracking platform, we manage all donations made to the organization. Confidentiality is crucial, as the total amount Dance Marathon fundraises each year is not announced until the Big Reveal at the Big Event. Our committee will plan and be a part of the Big Reveal to share the impact our university has made for kids that year!

Finance Chair (1)

As the Finance Chair, you will be responsible for assisting the Finance Director. This chair will be expected to help out with a number of tasks over the course of the year that include: entering offline donations, counting money, attending events, and tracking our total. The Finance Chair will have access to confidential information like this and must be able to keep it a secret. The Finance Chair will also be expected to attend weekly meetings with the Director and come up with creative ideas on a number of topics. In addition, the chair will get to help plan and organize the Big Reveal; which is where our donation total is unveiled at the end of the year.


Valuable Skills & Qualities:

  • Organized

  • Great Communication

  • Goal Oriented/Driven

  • Close Attention to Detail

  • Maintains Confidentiality

  • Positive Attitude

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