Co-Executive Directors

Emlyn Krasnican & Elly Bowman

Responsibilities: The Co-Executive Directors work side-by-side as they share the same responsibilities. ​The Co-Executive Directors oversee the Executive Board, keeping all the "big picture" things in mind and helping the Executive Board stay on task.  The Co-Executive Directors lead meetings with the Directors and serve as the face of the Executive Board.


Email: saudm.executivedirector@gmail.com

Why I Dance:

"I dance for more smiles, laughs, and memories for all of those affected by pediatric illnesses. I dance for those who are still fighting, those that have won those tough battles, and for the kiddos dancing in our hearts forever. I dance so that families and children don’t have to feel alone in their fight. I dance so that they are celebrated for all their achievements big or small.  I dance to give hope and to inspire others to help join the fight that allows children to pursue their dreams."

Why I Dance:

"I dance for kids whose journeys with pediatric illness don’t end with a cure or a procedure. For those whose kiddos’ fights last their entire lifetime. I dance for our families at every stage of their journey. I dance for kiddos who spend their days in hospital rooms instead of afterschool activities. For parents who drive their kids to appointments instead of games. For siblings who cheer for health instead of good performances. I dance for families who have to shift their priorities. I dance so that someday they can experience all the opportunities the world has to offer."


Alyssa Keene
Finance Director

Responsibilities: The Finance Director oversees Donor Drive and works closely with the Fundraising Director and the Morale Director.  The Finance Director tracks both online and offline donations, as well as manages the SAU DM budget.


Why I Dance: "I dance for all children and families impacted by pediatric illness. I dance to spread joy to them, to have meaningful moments with them, and to share hope for them. I dance so that all kids can have more laughs, more smiles, and more fun within their lives. I dance for those who have lost their battle and are forever dancing in our hearts. I dance so that no child or family has to face these hardships alone."

Email: saudm.finance@gmail.com


Maitlyn Sanders

Morale Director

Responsibilities: The Morale Director oversees all Morale Captains and keeps the energy flowing on campus throughout the year.


Why I Dance: "My why is for kiddos to see more sunrises and sunsets. To let them experience the natural beauty of the world and make it their own. So they can wake up in the morning to the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls baking in the oven and fresh-squeezed lemonade in the summer. To have more pillow fights, love, laughter, football games, basketball games, cheer routines. For them to have the same experience all the rest of us took for granted. My why? To let kids be kids." 


Email: saudm.morale@gmail.com


Olivia Kaufman

Family Relations Director

Responsibilities: The Family Relations Director is in charge of coordinating all of the communication between our Miracle Families and St. Ambrose University Dance Marathon.  FR also plans all family events and activities. This committee builds close relationships with our Miracle Families who are being treated/have been treated at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.


Why I Dance: "I dance for more tomorrow’s because every kid deserves the opportunity to have a childhood full of laughter, playdates, mistakes, and love. I dance for those who are no longer with us but will forever be dancing in our hearts. I dance for my future patients, all of our miracle kiddos who have turned into family, and for all those affected by pediatric illness."

Email: saudm.familyrelations@gmail.com


Savannah Wilson

Public Relations & Marketing Director

Responsibilities: The PR & Marketing Director recruits dancers for the Big Event and keeps dancers engaged all year through digital and print communication mediums including: social media, graphic design, videos, photos, and apparel. The PR & Marketing Director also interacts with the community concerning all things Dance Marathon and works closely with all other Directors. 


Why I Dance: "I dance for more days filled with laughter and smiles. I dance for more firsts, more birthdays, more milestones, and more dreams coming true. I dance to give our kiddos the chance to feel like kids and be superstars for a day. I dance for those who are still fighting, those who have won the toughest battles, and those who will forever be dancing in our hearts. I dance so the kiddos and their families aren’t alone in their fight."

Email: saudm.prmarketing@gmail.com


Brooklyn Kesler

Fundraising Director

Responsibilities: The Fundraising Director is charged with fundraising both within the St. Ambrose University community (including individuals, organizations, professors, and administration) and from the Quad City area (including businesses and national CMN sponsors).


Why I Dance: "I dance because our kids can’t wait. I dance for more tomorrows for our sweet kiddos. I dance to see more smiles and hear more laughter. I dance to lift up our kiddos who have won their battles, who are currently still fighting, and for those who are forever dancing in our hearts. I dance to support our incredibly strong families. I dance for more miracles, more firsts, and more memories."


Email: saudm.fundraising@gmail.com


Hailey Sponeman

Entertainment & Logistics Director

Responsibilities: Entertainment & Logistics Director works to plan all of the events and entertainment for the day of the Big Event.  Entertainment & Logistics is in charge of making sure all of the fine details are put together in order to have a smooth-running, fun event.  This includes music, food, games, and anything that will make the event fun! Scheduling and time management will be large factors into a successful day of the event.


Why I Dance: "I dance for all the kiddos who have won their battles, those who are still fighting, and for the kiddos who are forever dancing in hearts. I dance to provide support to these families and let them know they aren’t fighting alone and never will be. I dance for more laughter, playdates, birthdays, school dances, and football games. Kids should be able to experience all that life has to offer and have nothing hold them back."

Email: saudm.logistics@gmail.com


Sidney Michel

Community Outreach Director

Responsibilities: The Community Outreach Director works to coordinate high school mini dance marathons, alumni engagement, and our Miracle Miles program. They help to spread the name of SAU Dance Marathon in the community, as well as further help the community to understand and support the cause SAU Dance Marathon stands for.

Why I Dance: "I dance for each of our kiddos and for those dancing in our hearts. I dance in support of their families who are some of the strongest people I know. I dance because no kid should have to spend their childhood in the hospital. I dance for more smiles, more laughter, and for more kids to have the chance to be kids."

Email: saudm.communityoutreach@gmail.com


K. Hampton

Sponsorship Director

Responsibilities: The Sponsorship Director is responsible for local and area business sponsors, corporate sponsors, and grant applications. They solicit community partners for cash or in-kind donations to meet committee needs and support Dance Marathon.


Why I Dance: "I dance for more. More days, more smiles, more love. Our kiddos deserve more. I believe that every child has the right to live a happy and healthy life. I dance for those who are still fighting and those who have lost their battle. I dance because I believe in our kiddos and want them to be able to live their dreams. Our kiddos are extremely brave and face more challenges in their day to day life than I have in my entire life. I dance for the smiles that it brings to the kids. I dance for the laughter and the tears. I dance for more life and more living. BEElieve in the kids."

Email: saudm.sponsorship@gmail.com


Kailee Pfeiferling

Alumni Engagement Director

Responsibilities: The Alumni Engagement Director involves interaction and communication with SAU Dance Marathon Alumni. Duties include planning events, communicating with SAU professional staff especially the Alumni House and Alumni Moral Captains. The main purpose is to help SAUDM Alumni stay involved with this wonderful organization. 

Why I Dance: "I dance so that kids can have a normal school experience - so they don’t have to be pulled out of school all the time for doctor’s appointments or spend way too much time in a hospital room. I dance so that kids can be kids; they can have sleepovers, birthday parties, and endless laughs. I dance for all of our kiddos and their families - to support them financially and emotionally."

Email: saudm.alumniengagement@gmail.com


Gracyn Schriner


Responsibilities: Overseeing the student leaders, offering advice when needed, and serving as a support system for the organization!

Why I Dance:

"I dance for more "first's"! More first day of school, and first best friend. More first high school football game, and first school dance. More first Dance Marathon Big Event. But it's not just the "first's," it's also more birthdays, more family events, more smiles, and more of everything else that makes life great and helps us grow."


Email: schrinergracyn@sau.edu