Co-Executive Directors

Claire Johnson & Damon Wolter

Responsibilities: The Co-Executive Directors work side-by-side as they share the same responsibilities. ​The Co-Executive Directors oversee the Executive Board, keeping all the "big picture" things in mind and helping the Executive Board stay on task.  The Co-Executive Directors lead meetings with the Directors and serve as the face of the Executive Board.


Email: saudm.executivedirector@gmail.com

Why I Dance:
"I dance for the ones who can’t. Whether that be for the kiddos who have fought, who are currently fighting, and for those who are dancing in our hearts forever. I dance for more firsts and more bright futures. I dance for future nurses, doctors, athletes, and teachers. I dance for every child's dream to come true. I dance to make memories and spend time with the strongest of warriors and to show that they are not fighting alone."

Why I Dance:
"I dance for the kids. I dance for our kiddos who no longer can and for the kids who will forever be dancing in our hearts. I dance not only in remembrance of these amazing individuals but also in celebration of the precious moments we were blessed to spend with them. I dance so our kiddos can be the superstars they deserve to be for at least one day a year. I dance for more miracles, laughs, dreams, first steps, and “I love you’s”.  I dance to provide hope to the kids and to show them that they are not alone in their battles.  Most importantly, I dance to show our kiddos that there are such things as happy endings."


Morgan Barfield
Finance Director

Responsibilities: The Finance Director oversees Donor Drive and works closely with the Fundraising Director and the Morale Director.  The Finance Director tracks both online and offline donations, as well as manages the SAU DM budget.


Why I Dance: "I dance for bigger smiles, fewer hospital stays, and more tomorrows. I dance because no child should ever be put through the things that these kiddos do. I dance to let them and their families know they’re not alone and to give them something to look forward to, someone to look up to, and a shoulder to lean on. I dance to raise awareness in hopes of someday finding a cure. I dance in memory of my cousin who lost her battle against leukemia."

Email: saudm.finance@gmail.com


Andrea Adam

Morale Director

Responsibilities: The Morale Director oversees all Morale Captains and keeps the energy flowing on campus throughout the year.


Why I Dance: "I dance because every single one of these kiddos inspire me to do more for pediatric illness and impact someone’s life. While I am studying and competing, someone younger than me is currently in the hospital receiving treatment. I dance to give them back their childhood full of playing, climbing trees, and making memories with their siblings. I dance as a promise to all of our miracle kiddos that I can’t stop, and won’t stop until this dream is a reality." 


Email: saudm.morale@gmail.com


Rachel Merritt

Family Relations Director

Responsibilities: The Family Relations Director is in charge of coordinating all of the communication between our Miracle Families and St. Ambrose University Dance Marathon.  FR also plans all family events and activities. This committee builds close relationships with our Miracle Families who are being treated/have been treated at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.


Why I Dance: "I dance because I believe everyone deserves an exciting childhood full of laughter and craziness. I dance for the kiddos who have experienced more hospitalization and pain than any of us can even begin to imagine. I dance for the ones who are no longer with us today as a reminder to their families and friends that their angel is forever dancing in our hearts. I dance to see more smiles and listen to more laughs. I dance to share the fight with our kids."

Email: saudm.familyrelations@gmail.com


Carly Miller

Public Relations & Marketing Director

Responsibilities: The PR & Marketing Director recruits dancers for the Big Event and keeps dancers engaged all year through digital and print communication mediums including: social media, graphic design, videos, photos, and apparel. The PR & Marketing Director also interacts with the community concerning all things Dance Marathon and works closely with all other Directors. 


Why I Dance: "I dance for more playdates full of laughter and silliness. For more ‘firsts’ and more cherished memories along this crazy journey. For the future world-changers, miracle makers, and PRM queens and kings. I dance so every kiddo has a friend through the good days and the not as good ones too. So every DM family knows they have us on their side. I dance for the kids because they are my passion and continue to influence my ‘why’ daily. I dance for the kiddos who are dancing in our hearts forever and inspiring us to do more every minute. I dance in memory of my brothers Brandon & Sam."

Email: saudm.prmarketing@gmail.com


Emma Wachter

Fundraising Director

Responsibilities: The Fundraising Director is charged with fundraising both within the St. Ambrose University community (including individuals, organizations, professors, and administration) and from the Quad City area (including businesses and national CMN sponsors).


Why I Dance: "I dance for every single kiddo and family we support. I dance so they know they are not alone in this fight. I dance for those who have won their battles, for those who are still fighting every day, and for those who are forever dancing in our hearts. I dance for more smiles, laughter, playdates, and birthdays. I dance For The Kids, they inspire me so much, and I can’t stop & won’t stop!"


Email: saudm.fundraising@gmail.com


Emlyn Krasnican

Entertainment & Logistics Director

Responsibilities: Entertainment & Logistics Director works to plan all of the events and entertainment for the day of the Big Event.  Entertainment & Logistics is in charge of making sure all of the fine details are put together in order to have a smooth-running, fun event.  This includes music, food, games, and anything that will make the event fun! Scheduling and time management will be large factors into a successful day of the event.


Why I Dance: "I dance for more smiles, laughs, and memories for all of those affected by pediatric illnesses. I dance for those who are still fighting, those that have won those tough battles, and for the kiddos dancing in our hearts forever. I dance so that families and children don’t have to feel alone in their fight. I dance to give hope and to inspire others to help join the fight that allows children to pursue their dreams."

Email: saudm.logistics@gmail.com


Sidney Michel

Community Outreach Director

Responsibilities: The Community Outreach Director works to coordinate high school mini dance marathons, alumni engagement, and our Miracle Miles program. They help to spread the name of SAU Dance Marathon in the community, as well as further help the community to understand and support the cause SAU Dance Marathon stands for.

Why I Dance: "I dance for each of our kiddos and for those dancing in our hearts. I dance in support of their families who are some of the strongest people I know. I dance because no kid should have to spend their childhood in the hospital. I dance for more smiles, more laughter, and for more kids to have the chance to be kids."

Email: saudm.communityoutreach@gmail.com


Heather Hoeger

Sponsorship Director

Responsibilities: The Sponsorship Director is responsible for local and area business sponsors, corporate sponsors, and grant applications. They solicit community partners for cash or in-kind donations to meet committee needs and support Dance Marathon.


Why I Dance: "I dance for more tomorrows because every kid deserves to live without fear of what’s to come. I dance so they have the opportunity to live full, happy lives filled with love, laughter, and healing. I dance to show these kiddos and their families that they are not alone. I dance to give them the strength and hope to keep fighting. "

Email: saudm.sponsorship@gmail.com


Alison Yoder

Alumni Engagement Director

Responsibilities: The Alumni Engagement Director involves interaction and communication with SAU Dance Marathon Alumni. Duties include planning events, communicating with SAU professional staff especially the Alumni House and Alumni Moral Captains. The main purpose is to help SAUDM Alumni stay involved with this wonderful organization. 

Why I Dance: "I dance for a future filled with more friendships, family meals, and high school graduations. I dance to let the kiddos and their families know they are not alone and to provide them with the extra strength they need. I dance for the kiddos who are stuck at home, rather than out being a kid. I dance in honor of the kiddos forever dancing in our hearts. I dance to hear the giggles, feel the energy, and to see the miracles we can make together."

Email: saudm.alumniengagement@gmail.com


Haley Best & Gracyn Schriner


Responsibilities: Overseeing the student leaders, offering advice when needed, and serving as a support system for the organization!


Email: saudm.executivedirector@gmail.com

Why I Dance:

"I dance for more hope and positivity. These kiddos and their families have been through times that no child should ever have to endure. It is all about the joy, love, and pure passion that is Dance Marathon, to fight for something bigger than I could ever imagine."


Email: besthaleym@sau.edu

Why I Dance:

"I dance for more "first's"! More first day of school, and first best friend. More first high school football game, and first school dance. More first Dance Marathon Big Event. But it's not just the "first's," it's also more birthdays, more family events, more smiles, and more of everything else that makes life great and helps us grow."


Email: schrinergracyn@sau.edu