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Community Outreach Committee

As a Community Outreach Member, you will be actively engaging in the QC community high schools. Once selection is complete you will be assigned to be a mentor to one of our high schools in the area. Once assigned, you will be required to attend meetings with the high school and the committees that they create. Frequency of these meetings with the high school is dependent on the date of their event. As a mentor, your duty is to assist the high school with ideas and answer questions they may have. As a committee member, not only do you get to participate in SAU’s Dance Marathon, but you also get to participate and enjoy 5+ other MINI Dance Marathons in our high schools! You play a huge part in making miracles happen in our community- and help spread the DM love to places outside of campus. Not only will you be meeting with your high school, but you will also meet with the rest of your committee members to bounce ideas off of and share knowledge. As a committee, we will have biweekly meetings first semester followed by weekly meetings second semester. Committee members can expect to put in about 1-2 hours a week first semester, followed by 2-3 hours during the second semester for meetings and events. Committee members are also expected to attend the Mini Dance Marathons at the high schools, and these typically take place during the second semester.

Community Outreach Chairs
High School Engagement Chairs (2)

As a high school engagement chair, you will need to be expected to oversee and attend meetings with high schools that are interested in hosting a "mini" Dance Marathon. As a chair, being dedicated and having good communication skills are very important. You will need to be able to gather information from the high schools and then relay this information to the rest of the committee at our weekly meetings. You will also be responsible for keeping close contact with the director and making sure you are both on the same page at all times. Most importantly, your job is making sure that we have a good relationship with the high schools, their mini is a success, and we are spreading DM love all over the Quad Cities!

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