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Local Schools: Host a Mini Dance Marathon!

St. Ambrose University Dance Marathon would LOVE to work with your high school, middle school, or even elementary school in putting on your own Mini Dance Marathon!


Mini DM's are dances that last anywhere from an hour to a few hours! They are full of fun and all about raising as much money as we can, together, for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.


They are great opportunities for students to get involved in leadership roles and to learn that helping others can be fulfilling and fun!

For the 2022-2023 school year our minis raised $70,153.74!

What Exactly is a “Mini”?

A “Mini” is a Dance Marathon, but is typically shorter and lasts a few hours. Minis are school sponsored events at any K-12 school that benefits the St. Ambrose University Dance Marathon.


Mini Dance Marathons are largely planned by students in the school looking for more ways to get involved, and typically have one (or more) faculty members that oversee their work and assist the students with planning.

Who Plans A Mini?

The St. Ambrose University Dance Marathon Community Outreach committee will work side-by-side with the students and faculty member in planning their Mini Dance Marathon.


Students and faculty will work to decide when, how long, and what their fundraising goal is for their Mini, and together, we make it happen.


Middle school and elementary school Mini Dance Marathons may need more faculty assistance than high school, but level of involvement is decided by the committee planning the Mini.

Why Should I Hold A Mini?

Minis are fantastic ways to get students involved in something that they can also have fun with! It teaches students about giving back, leadership, organization, and is guaranteed to give them a feeling of pride in themselves, their peers, and their school.


These funds all go to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital and help children and their families pay for daily expenses and treatments while staying in the hospital.


All the funds raised by the Mini goes into a total at the St. Ambrose University Dance Marathon, and the minis get their own big reveal on stage during big event day at St. Ambrose University!

How Do I Raise Money for a Mini?

This is always the fun part of the Mini committee because they can be creative!


Some Minis contact restaurants and hold food nights, sell t-shirts for the event, hold blood drives, have jean days, hold raffles at sporting events, and we can even set up a Donor Drive for your Mini so that students can post on social media and ask their friends and families for donations.


We definitely will put the “fun” in FUNdraising!

Who Do I Contact for Further Information?

We’re so glad for your interest! Our Community Outreach director Katie Brewer would love to answer any further questions, or start you on your Mini Dance Marathon journey!


You can contact her at any time by email at


We look forward to working with you and so excited to make miracles happen together!

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