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Entertainment and Logistics Committee

The Entertainment and Logistics Committee’s main focus is the Big Event. We plan EVERYTHING that happens in those 13.1 hours of the Big Event. Our committee is in charge of finding and contacting all of the entertainment and catering for the day. We are also responsible for the decorations of the Big Event and transforming the space. In addition to being in charge of the Big Event, we also plan the winter event for all of our SAU miracle families. Being a member of the E&L committee means you will be expected to attend our hour-long weekly meetings, generate new and creative ideas, and communicate with various businesses and vendors. Becoming an E&L Committee member is an amazing way to get more involved with Dance Marathon and to form great connections with other members.

Entertainment and Logistics Chair

Catering Chair

As the Catering Chair, you will be responsible for meeting with and keeping up relations with different food businesses. When meeting with these businesses, you will be selling Dance Marathon and seeing how they could partner with us for the Big Event. You will be working closely with the Entertainment & Logistics Director to find and contact these businesses. Your main responsibility at the Big Event will be making sure the food has arrived and is in the correct place.


As the Catering Chair, you will need well-rounded organizational and professional communication skills, both with businesses and committee members. You will also need problem-solving skills when consulting donations from businesses. In addition, be prepared to take on additional responsibilities that are relevant to the Entertainment and Logistics Committee as a whole.

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