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An elevator speech is exactly what it sounds like. Imagine you are on an elevator and you only have enough time until the doors open to tell your fellow passengers about DM.


What would you say?

Elevator speeches are a big part of recruiting dancers for DM and used for fundraising. They are short—between 30 seconds to a minute—and you need to hit all of the high points of Dance Marathon. An elevator speech describes Dance Marathon in a “to the point” fashion so it’s important to pack a punch with your elevator speech. You want to give all of the necessary information, but make it personable and NOT pushy, so whomever you’re talking to is inspired to research and consider Dance Marathon further. Make sure to include all of the important pieces in your elevator speech!


What: What is Dance Marathon? What CMN Hospital do you support?

When: When is DM? 

Why: Why is DM happening?  

Who: For any kiddo with pediatric disease, illness, injury, or disability.

Other: Throw in a personal story!  It could be an interaction you’ve had with a miracle family or previous experiences with DM.  Why did you choose to join Dance Marathon?  Why do you dance?


Example Elevator Speech

“Hello! I am _____ from St. Ambrose Dance Marathon. We are a year-long fundraiser for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital and we also offer support for local families with kiddos that are treated there for pediatric illness, disease, injury, and disability. We are also SAU's largest student-run organization AND have raised over 1.9 million dollars total to fund a Child Life Resource Space, NICU equipment, a fully inclusive playground for the UI Center for Disabilities and Development, the Ponseti Endowment, and the General Nursing Fund. At St. Ambrose, we BEElieve in the kids!”

You can also add information about how to register OR donate depending on who you are talking to!

Remember, practice makes perfect!!

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