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The Kayla Decker Top Fundraiser Award

April 15, 1996- December 10, 2017

St. Ambrose Dance Marathon 6 Morale Director, Kayla Decker, gained her angel wings on December 10th, 2017. She left a legacy on all the hearts of the individuals she encountered.


Throughout Kayla’s 4 years at SAU she was an active member in the Dance Marathon family and was the prime example of what it meant to be a dancer.

We continue our Dance Marathon with the values that Kayla exhibited in her everyday life, as she encouraged everyone she knew to laugh more, give bigger hugs, love more deeply, and simply “doing more” in everything we do, especially for our miracle kiddos.

The Kayla Decker Award was first presented at DM6 and is a tradition that will continue for years to come. This award is presented to the individual who has fundraised the largest amount out of the SAU student body for kiddos at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital for that year. This award recognizes the strong commitment and hard work that the recipient has given to SAU Dance Marathon, to our hospital, and to all of the kiddos and families that we represent.

The Kayla Decker Top Fundraiser Award Recipients

2017-2018: Kayla Decker | $11,497.90
2018-2019: Whitney Misfeldt | $5,325 
2019-2020: Mara Guse | $4,592.09
2020-2021: Damon Wolter | $7,184.50
2021-2022: Brooklyn Kesler | $4,530.03

2022-2023: Anna May | $5,063.048

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