Each year, several Dance Marathon chair positions open up prior to the Fall semester to assist with summer duties. The remaining, unlisted positions will go live in the Fall semester. Contact The Co-Executives or the respective Director with any specific questions. All positions utilize the same application which can be downloaded below. 


Members who show interest and possess skills related to graphic design and art will work on creating various graphics and designs throughout the year. Graphics and designs will be used on various print and digital platforms for both internal and external communication. Public Relations & Marketing is responsible for creating graphics for all other committees and for anything DM related. Members will also brainstorm and design apparel, including the Big Event shirt design. Members may also assist with updating the website’s layout.


Valuable Skills & Qualities

  • Experience with Adobe

  • Experience with Canva 

  • The ability to work on teams and individually

  • Effective design skills

  • Creative insight

  • Time management skills


This year we are looking to fill five communication chair positions. Each communication chair will be assigned certain miracle families to communicate with throughout the year. These conversations facilitate trust with the families and allow information between the director and committee to be reinforced. Depending on the family’s preferences, chairs may communicate weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc. and will need to be comfortable with making phone calls and writing emails. Chairs can expect an extra meeting with the FR Director each week in addition to the regular committee meetings. Confidential information may be shared with the chair, which is then relayed to the director; all information relayed is expected to be handled appropriately and maturely. Family Relations committee experience is recommended, but not required.

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE | Fundraising Chair (1)

This chair will be asked to start working with the Fundraising Director right away in the spring & summer. This chair will work closely with the director to brainstorm new fundraising ideas for the upcoming year. This chair will be in charge of helping the director plan canning routes and organize them throughout the summer. Other responsibilities involve contacting local businesses through phone or email, as well as organizing the first food night in August. Lastly, during the school year, this chair will be involved with all things in planning our annual Gala event. This includes organizing the silent auction, brainstorming theme ideas, and helping the director plan the event schedule. Overall, looking for someone committed to bringing creativity, leadership, & FUN to our fundraising team.


The community engagement chair is in charge of researching and brainstorming ways to get involved in our community. They will also be in charge of coordinating dates for possible volunteer options and reporting back to the Community Outreach Director. Important skills for this role include having good communication skills, staying organized, and being open to new ideas! The most important aspect of this chair position is the ability to spread the message of DM through the Quad Cities by giving back to our community!

MORALE COMMITTEE | Color Chair (1)

Morale Captains are essentially the face of Dance Marathon.  As a result, Morale Captains are the main communication bridge between committees and dancers.  Each morale captain will have a team of participants that they recruit to join the Dance Marathon movement. Morale Captains will be expected to save four hours a week for Dance Marathon first semester and an average of six hours a week for the second semester.  During these hours, we will have our weekly meetings, creating the morale song, choreographing the morale dance, creating theme hours, corresponding costumes and being in the theme hour videos that are shown at the Big Event, conducting a team fundraiser, attending other DM events, communicating with morale teams and participants, and, of course, SPREAD THE DM LOVE!

The Color Chair’s primary job is overseeing the Color War competition among the Morale Teams. The Color Chair will be in charge of keeping track of points for color wars throughout the year.  They will also be asked to come up with creative ideas for color ceremonies, games, and incentives.  They will help oversee and organize color group fundraisers.  They will also provide assistance to other morale captains for issues relating to color wars.  The Morale Director will be able to call meetings with the Color Chair about any questions or concerns.  These duties will be carried out in addition to the duties stated in the Morale Captain description document.

Responsibilities of the Color Chair

  • Tracking color wars points

  • Creating ideas for color ceremonies, games, incentives, etc. 

  • Designing T-Shirts

  • Oversees/Organizes color groups’ fundraisers

Applications are due Sunday, May 10th @ 11:59 PM ​ 

Interviews will be held Monday, May 11th through Thursday, May 14th.

Email your completed application to saudm.executivedirector@gmail.com